viernes, febrero 11, 2011

Will the bullies learn from the Egyptian people?

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sofia simões dijo...

You see? They did it!!!The "pharaon" resigned. But, and now?

Our Woman in Cairo dijo...

Her family situation is: Husband: Mark Gamal (they were married in June 2010 in Cairo) Dad: Arturo Giraldez. Teaches History in School of International Studies and Spanish at UOP. Sister: Rachel Giraldez, Age 16, Sophomore at St. Mary's High School Stockton Stepmother: Susan Giraldez, Teaches Spanish at UOP Mother: Maria Luz Casal del Rey, lives in Madrid, is an executive with Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals. Beginning at age five, Elvira spent her summers in California and school years in Madrid, Spain. Did her BA at University of the Pacific (Theater and French) and her MA in Public Art Administration at New York University. Went to Cairo in June 2008 as an intern for the cultural division of the Spanish Embassy. Recently started consulting business with a friend planning cultural events in Cairo. Elvira's dad, Arturo, grew up under Franco's dictatorship in Spain and in his youth participated in the pro-democracy movement in Spain. So he is very proud of his son-in-law's courage in demonstrating against Mubarek.